We are a non-profit organisation building a world-class children’s museum in South Africa. Join us.

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Children’s Museums


Children’s museums around the world are fun and exciting spaces for kids and families.

What is a Children’s Museum? 

Our Vision


Play Africa is bringing this world-class experience to Johannesburg.

Our Vision 

Why Play?


Play is the engine of learning for young children and a key element of healthy development.

Why Play?

Inspiring Children

Play Africa Children’s Museum will be a place where play ignites a life-long love of learning. Our unique and engaging exhibits are especially designed to meet the developmental needs of young kids age 0-10, stimulating their physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth.

Strengthening Families

At Play Africa Children’s Museum, young children and the grown-ups who love them spend quality time together, away from the everyday distractions of home and work. Our unique hands-on exhibits invite everyone to touch, create, explore, investigate and experiment with new concepts and ideas.

Transforming Communities

Play Africa Children’s Museum will be a regional resource, offering learning enrichment to 2 million children in the Gauteng province as well as their families and schools. We will also be an exciting and proudly South African destination for local and international tourists. We expect to create hundreds of direct and indirect jobs for our community.

Inspiring a new generation to be proudly South African, proudly African and proudly citizens of the world