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As the first interactive children’s museum in Southern Africa, Play Africa brings vital playful learning experiences to families, schools and communities. We inspire children to succeed – and thrive – as innovators in the future. We provide holistic programmes for children aged 0 to 10, tailored to enhance their cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. But we can’t do this on our own. Complete and submit the form below to make a significant difference to a child’s future.

Play Africa works with selected partners to develop customised programmes that create world-class learning opportunities for children, families and educators. Do you have a vision you want to bring to life? Do you want to bring your innovation into a new market? Are you looking for opportunities to create shared value, by investing in education while also generating tax, B-BBEE and marketing benefits? Through partnership, we can make high-quality playful learning to everyone – from all walks of life and abilities. Complete and submit the form above to learn more about launching your own bespoke initiative.

Through extensive research and prototyping, we’ve developed a pipeline of innovative, locally-relevant education initiatives that have the power to transform the lives of thousands of children. You can invest in these research-backed exhibits and programmes to promote creative learning, children’s rights, parent engagement and social cohesion. Working with selected partners, Play Africa can be your partner to bring 21st-century innovations to more children in South Africa and across the continent. As an investor, you can also benefit from tax, B-BBEE and marketing opportunities. Complete and submit the form above to provide transformative learning experiences for Africa’s children.

Create an uplifting regional campus of excellence! Children, parents and educators in South Africa deserve a fit-for-purpose family learning environment and teacher training facilities. With your support, our flagship children’s museum will serve 200,000 on-site visitors a year, with systems-changing impact as visitors replicate new ideas in classrooms and communities. We have various options for different levels of investment. We’ve developed a sustainable business model that leverages partnerships and sponsorships to ensure generations of children will benefit from a thriving flagship learning centre. Complete and submit the form above to learn how you can partner with Play Africa to transform education in South Africa.

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