STEM Seeds

A resource for early ECD educators to build STEM skills and climate change awareness through play

Develop skills for a changing world

Unlock the joy of play and discovery with STEM Seeds! Play Africa created this curriculum resource for early childhood development (ECD) and pre-school educators. It also inspires primary school teachers, parents and other caregivers. This PDF has 114 pages of easy-to-try ideas to enrich teaching using everyday materials. Through play, children develop science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) skills. Children also build awareness of climate change and its impact.

Focusing on the playful classroom and the playful educator, STEM Seeds helps educators to teach and discuss STEM and climate change in age-appropriate ways. It’s packed with ready-to-use techniques and activities, including Daily Techniques to Encourage STEM Skills and Daily Techniques to Increase Playful Learning. No special equipment is required to implement the STEM Seeds curriculum. It’s also been designed to work alongside South Africa’s National Curriculum Framework for Children from Birth to Four Years (NCF) and the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS). STEM Seeds supports the development of key skills from both documents.

The research is clear: meaningful, interactive play is the best way for children to become ready for school. Play Africa helps every teacher begin child-led inquiry through play, without focusing on academics and memorisation before they are ready. Kick off a future of lifelong learning with STEM Seeds!

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STEM in the ECD Classroom

The Value of Play

Using Repurposed Materials

Designing and Building

STEM Seeds

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