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Play Africa is the first interactive children’s museum in Southern Africa, based at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our flexible museum model brings transformative learning experiences to children in a divided society. Through playful learning, we equip children with creative skills and mindsets to flourish in the 21st century. We empower parents and educators to stimulate children’s healthy development, from birth to age 10.

We create learning experiences that change lives.

For South Africa’s young children to thrive in the 21st century, they must become lifelong learners, with ever-evolving skills to identify and solve problems with creativity, critical thinking and empathy. We bring global thinking to South Africa to provide playful learning experiences to children ages 10 and under. We create experiences that get children excited about science, technology, engineering, maths, (STEM) design thinking and the arts.

Our children’s museum is a hub for African innovations in education.

Play Africa embraces the concept of “disruptive innovation.” As an agile enterprise, we have a proven track record of operating in a range of low-resourced contexts to reach new audiences traditionally underserved by the education and cultural sectors. You can help us expand access to creative, holistic learning to more children in Africa, through digital or in-person programmes.

We work with partners to bridge the opportunity gap and prepare all children to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

More than 25,000 children in South Africa have experienced Play Africa’s award-winning experiences in science, technology, engineering, maths, creative arts, children’s rights and design thinking. Through replicable programmes and modular exhibits, we offer world-leading learning experiences with proven impact. Contact us to invest in Play Africa’s innovative solutions.

We are building a flagship children’s museum and educator training centre

Children in South Africa deserve a fit-for-purpose family learning environment and teacher training facilities. Join us now to sponsor a portion of this project, which will serve 200,000 visitors a year, backed by a sustainable business model.

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Every child is born with equal value and dignity.

Every child deserves dynamic playful learning in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) creative arts and children’s rights. Every child also deserves safe, nurturing spaces for open-ended play and exploration.

Every child has a right to play and learn in a safe, nurturing environment.

We provide inclusive learning spaces where children and families of all backgrounds and abilities feel welcome. We are the first museum in Southern Africa to offer special access hours and bespoke exhibitions for children on the autism spectrum or with sensory processing challenges.

We celebrate and promote the power of play in learning.

Play Africa is an inclusive, democratic space where we welcome all children. Unfair discrimination on the grounds of race, as well as creed, colour, national origin, political or religious affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family relationship and disability are not tolerated by and within Play Africa. Play Africa has zero-tolerance for unfair discriminatory practices in its environment by the people it is associated with.

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