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Play Africa Logo

Re-inventing museums.

We’re an independent children’s museum based at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our decentralised approach to public learning disrupts the idea of what a “museum” can be. We catalyse innovations in creative learning, children’s rights, parent engagement and social cohesion.

We create learning experiences that change lives.

Play-based learning experiences

Interactive educational exhibits

Innovative facilitated programmes

We offer play-based programmes in STEM education, creative arts, children’s rights, and open-ended discovery through play.

Preparing South Africa’s children for the future.

Play Africa at Constitution Hill

Play Africa is based in the open-air courtyards and repurposed rooms of the Old Fort at Constitution Hill 11 Kotze Street in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa.

A children’s museum?

As an independent cultural institution, we offer interactive, playful learning experiences for children age 10 and under, accompanied by their families and teachers.

Supporting healthy child development

Our exhibits and programmes are designed to support the developmental needs of children:

  • from birth through the first 1,000 days
  • early childhood development (ECD)
  • foundation phase primary school education.

Design thinking and prototyping

Play Africa is an education innovation hub in South Africa. We use design thinking and prototyping to co-design our programmes with participants, ensuring our programmes are truly catalytic and drive impact. 

Bringing the power of play into schools and homes

Play Africa models a new way of learning and teaching, inspiring parents and teachers to improve the quality of children’s learning by replicating experiences in schools, ECD centres, crèches, and homes with everyday materials.

Child-friendly cities

Because children are full and equal citizens who deserve to be seen, heard and valued, we lead participatory urban planning initiatives with children as co-designers. We embrace tactical urbanism and playful design interventions to make our urban spaces safer, friendlier, and more playful for all.

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