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Only 29% of children in South Africa have access to safe play areas,
according to UNICEF. We’re on a mission to champion every child’s
right to play, create, discover and connect.

Play Africa, Constitution Hill, Johannesburg

Constitution Hill is a living museum that tells the story of South Africa’s journey to democracy. Centrally located in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, the site is a former prison and military fort that bears testament to the country’s turbulent past. Today the site is home to the Constitutional Court, which upholds the country’s democratic Constitution.

Play Africa at Constitution Hill brings play to this iconic human rights precinct. At the same time, we honour the injustice of the past. We transform Constitution Hill from a site of fear and oppression into a space of joyful discovery. We reimagine a new future for South Africa. We help create that future rooted in democracy, freedom, equality and human dignity.


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